Bridge Shortcuts 2 Layer 2's using Orbiter.Finance

Bridge Shortcuts

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Introducing Bridge Shortcuts via Orbiter.Finance

Shortcut Description:
Our latest Bridge Shortcuts, in collaboration with Orbiter.Finance, enable the easy bridging of cryptocurrencies like $ETH, $USDC, $USDT, and $DAI to various Layer 2 networks. These shortcuts are tailor-made for those keen on exploring L2 benefits across platforms like Arbitrum, Base, Linea, and others. They simplify the bridging process, fostering seamless interaction across blockchain ecosystems.

User Actions:

Choose the desired Bridge Shortcut for the target cryptocurrency and L2 network.
Send the cryptocurrency to the Shortcut’s address.
The Shortcut securely bridges the asset to the selected L2 network through Orbiter.Finance.
The bridged asset becomes available on the L2 network.
Complexity Level: 2
Proposed Fee: 0.2% per transaction

Collaborating Creators:
Dave: nycmobile.eth
Mandy: 0xc738795f126c08C5349FEEa4Cce346b3F9CEcd9f

Available Bridge Shortcuts:

ETH Token:

eth2optimism.eth / optimism2eth.eth - Bridge $ETH to/from Optimism
eth2arbitrum.eth / arbitrum2eth.eth - Bridge $ETH to/from Arbitrum
eth2base.eth / base2eth.eth - Bridge $ETH to/from Base
eth2linea.eth / linea2eth.eth - Bridge $ETH to/from Linea
eth2starknet.eth / starknet2eth.eth - Bridge $ETH to/from Starknet
eth2zksyncEra.eth / zksyncEra2eth.eth - Bridge $ETH to/from zkSync Era
eth2zksyncLite.eth / zksyncLite2eth.eth - Bridge $ETH to/from zkSync Lite
eth2polygonZkEVM.eth / polygonZkEVM2eth.eth - Bridge $ETH to/from Polygon zkEVM
eth2arbitrumNova.eth / arbitrumNova2eth.eth - Bridge $ETH to/from Arbitrum Nova
eth2loopring.eth / loopring2eth.eth - Bridge $ETH to/from Loopring
eth2immutableX.eth / immutableX2eth.eth - Bridge $ETH to/from Immutable X
eth2mantle.eth / mantle2eth.eth - Bridge $ETH to/from Mantle
eth2zora.eth / zora2eth.eth - Bridge $ETH to/from Zora
eth2opBNB.eth / opBNB2eth.eth - Bridge $ETH to/from OpBNB

USDC Token:

usdc2optimism.eth / optimism2usdc.eth - Bridge $USDC to/from Optimism
usdc2arbitrum.eth / arbitrum2usdc.eth - Bridge $USDC to/from Arbitrum
usdc2base.eth / base2usdc.eth - Bridge $USDC to/from Base
usdc2linea.eth / linea2usdc.eth - Bridge $USDC to/from Linea
usdc2starknet.eth / starknet2usdc.eth - Bridge $USDC to/from Starknet
usdc2zksyncEra.eth / zksyncEra2usdc.eth - Bridge $USDC to/from zkSync Era
usdc2zksyncLite.eth / zksyncLite2usdc.eth - Bridge $USDC to/from zkSync Lite
usdc2polygonZkEVM.eth / polygonZkEVM2usdc.eth - Bridge $USDC to/from Polygon zkEVM
usdc2arbitrumNova.eth / arbitrumNova2usdc.eth - Bridge $USDC to/from Arbitrum Nova
usdc2loopring.eth / loopring2usdc.eth - Bridge $USDC to/from Loopring
usdc2immutableX.eth / immutableX2usdc.eth - Bridge $USDC to/from Immutable X
usdc2mantle.eth / mantle2usdc.eth - Bridge $USDC to/from Mantle
usdc2zora.eth / zora2usdc.eth - Bridge $USDC to/from Zora
usdc2opBNB.eth / opBNB2usdc.eth - Bridge $USDC to/from OpBNB

USDT Token:

usdt2optimism.eth / optimism2usdt.eth - Bridge $USDT to/from Optimism
usdt2arbitrum.eth / arbitrum2usdt.eth - Bridge $USDT to/from Arbitrum
usdt2base.eth / base2usdt.eth - Bridge $USDT to/from Base
usdt2linea.eth / linea2usdt.eth - Bridge $USDT to/from Linea
usdt2starknet.eth / starknet2usdt.eth - Bridge $USDT to/from Starknet
usdt2zksyncEra.eth / zksyncEra2usdt.eth - Bridge $USDT to/from zkSync Era
usdt2zksyncLite.eth / zksyncLite2usdt.eth - Bridge $USDT to/from zkSync Lite
usdt2polygonZkEVM.eth / polygonZkEVM2usdt.eth - Bridge $USDT to/from Polygon zkEVM
usdt2arbitrumNova.eth / arbitrumNova2usdt.eth - Bridge $USDT to/from Arbitrum Nova
usdt2loopring.eth / loopring2usdt.eth - Bridge $USDT to/from Loopring
usdt2immutableX.eth / immutableX2usdt.eth - Bridge $USDT to/from Immutable X
usdt2mantle.eth / mantle2usdt.eth - Bridge $USDT to/from Mantle
usdt2zora.eth / zora2usdt.eth - Bridge $USDT to/from Zora
usdt2opBNB.eth / opBNB2usdt.eth - Bridge $USDT to/from OpBNB

DAI Token:

dai2optimism.eth / optimism2dai.eth - Bridge $DAI to/from Optimism
dai2arbitrum.eth / arbitrum2dai.eth - Bridge $DAI to/from Arbitrum
dai2base.eth / base2dai.eth - Bridge $DAI to/from Base
dai2linea.eth / linea2dai.eth - Bridge $DAI to/from Linea
dai2starknet.eth / starknet2dai.eth - Bridge $DAI to/from Starknet
dai2zksyncEra.eth / zksyncEra2dai.eth - Bridge $DAI to/from zkSync Era
dai2zksyncLite.eth / zksyncLite2dai.eth - Bridge $DAI to/from zkSync Lite
dai2polygonZkEVM.eth / polygonZkEVM2dai.eth - Bridge $DAI to/from Polygon zkEVM
dai2arbitrumNova.eth / arbitrumNova2dai.eth - Bridge $DAI to/from Arbitrum Nova
dai2loopring.eth / loopring2dai.eth - Bridge $DAI to/from Loopring
dai2immutableX.eth / immutableX2dai.eth - Bridge $DAI to/from Immutable X
dai2mantle.eth / mantle2dai.eth - Bridge $DAI to/from Mantle
dai2zora.eth / zora2dai.eth - Bridge $DAI to/from Zora
dai2opBNB.eth / opBNB2dai.eth - Bridge $DAI to/from OpBNB


Thank you Dave, this is quite an extensive list. Give us some time to review with the team. Curious on your reasoning for using #2 to represent “to”

we are trying to devise nomenclature that is easy to grasp and can be remembered as the standard. And I think we can get there by sharing our ideas on the what the naming conventions should be.

This is a great start thank you! :rocket:


Thanks, great idea, orbiter will definitely improve shortcuts bridging speed


Ive been using orbiter myself, its the fastest bridge - sometimes i dont have enough time to switch layers and its already there! As far as i know the main issue we didnt use them right away was because we couldnt call their contracts directly. But I think @Danil has figured out a work around. Will keep you posted!


Yeah for sure boys, my pleasure!! I didn’t want to come across as maybe doing or being too much (hopefully wasn’t too obnoxious) but I believe genuinely in what you guys are building and I want to help however I can.

As for why I chose the number 2 instead of the word ‘to’ was because, if I’m going to help evangelize this thing, if there’s a way for me to do so, that can be easily recognizable especially given the fact that anyone has the ability to submit these…… what can help me stand out and can make people remember something simple? That’s a single even digit. Also I’m going to try and suggest protocols that nobody else has mentioned yet and I’d like the single digit (4) that connects any of my Swap shortcuts to be kinda like my calling card. If you want to bridge, Dave said 2, another single digit. OR maybe I just got insanely lucky that 2 and 4 happened to match with TO and FOR…… but one thing the ENS community will live and die for, are their digits!!


Yo Boys! Can you help me correct a mistake I made when listing my Co-Creators on both my posts please? For the above Bridging Shortcuts can you remove Mandy and her wallet address and replace her with Presley.eth?

As for Mandy and her 0xc738795f126c08C5349FEEa4Cce346b3F9CEcd9f address can you add her to my Swap Post as a Co-Creator because I totally forgot to include anyone on that one. I greatly appreciate the help gents, thank you!

Spaces today with the Team:


sounds good, thanks for letting us know!


this is such a great idea actually, I use Orbiter a ton and would be the first one to use the shortcuts if there is any way to save gas (or when I need to bridge via mobile)


Btw have you checked out our update via Across, we’ve implemented on all our bridges and now it’s lightning fast Bridge ETH via - #8 by Igor


Hey Guys,

Just checking in to see how these are going and to also give you some food for thought… So I recently have been farming the upcoming Orbiter Airdrop and being that Orbiter is part of the zkSync family, when I bridge I am participating in both ecosystems which can never decrease my chances at an airdrop it can only help. I say all this because if we were to use these shortcuts, or better yet have 100 of our friends use the one I’ve been credited for, how would that look? Would it still show that my wallet address has used Orbiter 29 times and for a total dollar volume of $50,000 lets say? Just thinking aloud and this could be something very lucrative/incentivizing for people to not only adopt but to evangelize these shortcuts, getting you adopted to so many more people… AND FASTER!!

Curious to hear your guys’ thoughts?!



Could we have some clarity on the above questions

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@dcbk2la & @Bluemoon as far as we know currently there’s no way from a technical approach to enable Shortcuts that use Orbiter under the hood, we wanted to enable this as a team due to how fast Orbiters bridges work however right now it doesn’t seem possible. We’ll revisit once any new info comes out from the integrations team at orbiter

How so Igor? Can you maybe give some more clarity on the ‘technical approach’ because they use zkSync which seems like a much more secure way to bridge but any clarity would be super helpful. Have you guys spoken to the team?

Hi @dcbk2la , the main issue with orbiter - is that they don’t use sc for bridging, if you’ll try to bridge funds you’ll see that you’re sending funds to maker EOA wallet, and with this approach we don’t have work around, because for the shortcut we need to be able to specify the ‘receiver’ address at destination chain
Screenshot 2024-01-04 at 5.39.21 PM

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