Create Your First Shortcut Post

Onthis builds Shortcuts, which allow users to bridge, swap, earn, and more by sending ETH to a human-readable address directly from your wallet.

We have launched a Shortcut point system that rewards creators and users of Shortcuts.

If you are familiar with Shortcuts and how our point system works, you can create a Shortcut post with the following information. Otherwise, skip below for a more detailed overview of Shortcuts and Shortcut Points.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want to speed up the creation of your Shortcut, please provide detailed examples of transactions that help our devs understand the Shortcut flow.

Post Title

  • Represents the intent of the user.

Shortcut Description

  • Description of what the Shortcut does
  • Which community it serves
  • Flow chart of description of actions the Shortcuts does
  • Shortcut Complexity Score (1-3)
  • Proposed fee
  • Collaborating creators

Twitter / Discord / TG (Optional But Recommended)

  • Include Twitter / TG / Discord usernames for better communication with our team.

Example Post

Post Title
Bridge and Mint on Arbitrum

Shortcut Description
This Shortcut allow a user to send ETH from Mainnet to Arbitrum and mint a Heart&Craft NFT from Prohibition Art.

There is a growing community of collectors on Arbitrum which want to get more users to mint on L2s. A few people who would love to share this is Jordan Lyall, Prohibition Art, Arbitrum, and a few art creators.

User actions below.

I think this is a complexity of 2 and should have a .2% fee

I worked with Jordan Lyall to create this Shorcut, here are our wallets
Igor: 0x030D77F0C4363B843Ee6C25Ec9354F4836478F46
Jordan: 0xcf88FA6eE6D111b04bE9b06ef6fAD6bD6691B88c

Shortcuts Overview

A Shortcut allows the combination of 2 or more DeFi actions that are executed in one transaction.

Each shortcut represents an intent, helping users get to their final destination without worrying about what needs to happen in between.

Our smart contracts connect existing protocol functions together to execute a specific user intent.

To be clear a Shortcut is an intent and each intent is its own separately deployed Smart Contract.

A user can execute a specific intent by sending ETH to a Shortcut.

Example Shortcuts
toBase.eth - bridge to base
stake.onLido.eth - earn by staking on Lido & Curve
aave.onArb.eth - add collateral to Aave vault on Arbitrum
ethToUsdc.eth - swap with intents
cbeth.onUni.eth - adds concentrated liquidity UniswapV3

Shortcuts do not add on any extra smart contract risks in addition to the current DeFi protocols that are being used under the hood. When you interact with Shortcuts, you are doing the same thing you would be doing when interacting with DeFi protocols on your own - just in less time and risk involved!

Why use Shortcuts as opposed to interacting with multiple protocols on your own?

  • Save time: don’t wait for one transaction to settle in order to move on to the next one.

  • Save gas: bundling actions to be executed in a single transaction, cuts down total gas costs.

  • Stay safe: Avoid phishing sites by never visiting any websites to execute DeFi actions.

Shortcut Points

:bank: Entitle holders to governance.
:national_park: Build a sustainable ecosystem.
:chart_with_upwards_trend: Incentivize a long-term view of Shortcuts.
:saluting_face: Disproportionately reward those most loyal.


  • Use Shortcuts and accrue points.
  • Create Shortcuts & earn passive points from other’s usage.
  • Points Displayed on the Leaderboard

Point Formula

80% to Users
20% to Creators

Shortcut Complexity: This score is assigned to every Shortcut on a scale of 1 to 3 and serves as a points multiplier. The higher the complexity the more points you receive.

Emissions Multiplier: This makes the points less inflationary over time. It starts at 100 and moves down by .0002 with every 1 ETH in volume. This strongly incentivizes early users as the emissions are the highest during the product’s early growth stage.

Total Points = ETH Deposited * Shortcut Complexity * Emissions Multiplier

Important Note on Emissions

What if the current multiplier is 90 and I send 10ETH at one time, assuming a Shortcut complexity of 1?

Total Points = 10 * 1 * 90 = 900

You will receive points based on the emission multiplier at the time of the deposit.
This is great for both big and small depositors. Whales will be rewarded for onboarding more volume and smaller accounts will not be penalized because they used a Shortcut after a big deposit came in.

To repeat the Emission Multiplier goes down by .0002 with every 1 ETH or higher in volume, even if 100 ETH is deposited, the Emission Multiplier goes down by .0002. This is done to protect the small depositors who will receive the incrementally lowered Emission rate

< 1ETH = Emission Multiplier stays the same
≥ 1ETH = Emission Multiplier goes down by .0002


Congrats team this is truly amazing! Hope I submitted this correctly and to be clear, these are only Swap Shortcuts! I will create my Bridge Shortcuts once I get the ok in a reply from you guys that I did this correctly. Lets do this…

Post Title:
Comprehensive List of Shortcut Swap Pairs

Shortcut Description:
Our Shortcut system offers an extensive range of token swap pairs, allowing users to effortlessly swap various cryptocurrencies. This service is invaluable for users seeking to diversify their portfolio, adapt to market changes, or engage in different DeFi activities. The process is streamlined for convenience, catering to a wide community of crypto enthusiasts, traders, and DeFi users.

User Actions:

  1. User selects the desired Shortcut swap pair.
  2. User sends the initial cryptocurrency to the Shortcut’s unique address.
  3. The Shortcut automatically executes the swap at the best available rate.
  4. The swapped cryptocurrency is returned to the user’s wallet.

These Shortcuts have a complexity level of 2, integrating real-time market data and automated transaction processes. A proposed fee of 0.2% per transaction is suggested to cover operational costs.

Collaborating Creators:

  • Dave: nycmobile.eth
  • Presley: presley.eth

Available Shortcut Swap Pairs:

  1. omiforeth.eth / ethforomi.eth

    • Swap $OMI for $ETH using omiforeth.eth
    • Swap $ETH for $OMI using ethforomi.eth
  2. omiforusdt.eth / usdtforomi.eth

    • Swap $OMI for $USDT using omiforusdt.eth
    • Swap $USDT for $OMI using usdtforomi.eth
  3. omiforusdc.eth / usdcforomi.eth

    • Swap $OMI for $USDC using omiforusdc.eth
    • Swap $USDC for $OMI using usdcforomi.eth
  4. omifordai.eth / daiforomi.eth

    • Swap $OMI for $DAI using omifordai.eth
    • Swap $DAI for $OMI using daiforomi.eth
  5. omiforweth.eth / wethforomi.eth

    • Swap $OMI for $WETH (Wrapped ETH) using omiforweth.eth
    • Swap $WETH (Wrapped ETH) for $OMI using wethforomi.eth
  6. ilvforeth.eth / ethforilv.eth

    • Swap $ILV for $ETH using ilvforeth.eth
    • Swap $ETH for $ILV using ethforilv.eth
  7. ilvforusdt.eth / usdtforilv.eth

    • Swap $ILV for $USDT using ilvforusdt.eth
    • Swap $USDT for $ILV using usdtforilv.eth
  8. ilvforusdc.eth / usdcforilv.eth

    • Swap $ILV for $USDC using ilvforusdc.eth
    • Swap $USDC for $ILV using usdcforilv.eth
  9. ilvforbtc.eth / btcforilv.eth

    • Swap $ILV for $BTC (Bitcoin) using ilvforbtc.eth
    • Swap $BTC (Bitcoin) for $ILV using btcforilv.eth
  10. ethforkas.eth / kasforeth.eth

    • Swap $ETH for $KAS using ethforkas.eth
    • Swap $KAS for $ETH using kasforeth.eth
  11. usdtforkas.eth / kasforusdt.eth

    • Swap $USDT for $KAS using usdtforkas.eth
    • Swap $KAS for $USDT using kasforusdt.eth
  12. usdcforkas.eth / kasforusdc.eth

    • Swap $USDC for $KAS using usdcforkas.eth
    • Swap $KAS for $USDC using kasforusdc.eth
  13. wethforkas.eth / kasforweth.eth

    • Swap $WETH (Wrapped ETH) for $KAS using wethforkas.eth
    • Swap $KAS for $WETH (Wrapped ETH) using kasforweth.eth

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