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Congrats team this is truly amazing! Hope I submitted this correctly and to be clear, these are only Swap Shortcuts! I will create my Bridge Shortcuts once I get the ok in a reply from you guys that I did this correctly. Lets do this…

Post Title:
Comprehensive List of Shortcut Swap Pairs

Shortcut Description:
Our Shortcut system offers an extensive range of token swap pairs, allowing users to effortlessly swap various cryptocurrencies. This service is invaluable for users seeking to diversify their portfolio, adapt to market changes, or engage in different DeFi activities. The process is streamlined for convenience, catering to a wide community of crypto enthusiasts, traders, and DeFi users.

User Actions:

  1. User selects the desired Shortcut swap pair.
  2. User sends the initial cryptocurrency to the Shortcut’s unique address.
  3. The Shortcut automatically executes the swap at the best available rate.
  4. The swapped cryptocurrency is returned to the user’s wallet.

These Shortcuts have a complexity level of 2, integrating real-time market data and automated transaction processes. A proposed fee of 0.2% per transaction is suggested to cover operational costs.

Collaborating Creators:

  • Dave: nycmobile.eth
  • Presley: presley.eth

Available Shortcut Swap Pairs:

  1. omiforeth.eth / ethforomi.eth

    • Swap $OMI for $ETH using omiforeth.eth
    • Swap $ETH for $OMI using ethforomi.eth
  2. omiforusdt.eth / usdtforomi.eth

    • Swap $OMI for $USDT using omiforusdt.eth
    • Swap $USDT for $OMI using usdtforomi.eth
  3. omiforusdc.eth / usdcforomi.eth

    • Swap $OMI for $USDC using omiforusdc.eth
    • Swap $USDC for $OMI using usdcforomi.eth
  4. omifordai.eth / daiforomi.eth

    • Swap $OMI for $DAI using omifordai.eth
    • Swap $DAI for $OMI using daiforomi.eth
  5. omiforweth.eth / wethforomi.eth

    • Swap $OMI for $WETH (Wrapped ETH) using omiforweth.eth
    • Swap $WETH (Wrapped ETH) for $OMI using wethforomi.eth
  6. ilvforeth.eth / ethforilv.eth

    • Swap $ILV for $ETH using ilvforeth.eth
    • Swap $ETH for $ILV using ethforilv.eth
  7. ilvforusdt.eth / usdtforilv.eth

    • Swap $ILV for $USDT using ilvforusdt.eth
    • Swap $USDT for $ILV using usdtforilv.eth
  8. ilvforusdc.eth / usdcforilv.eth

    • Swap $ILV for $USDC using ilvforusdc.eth
    • Swap $USDC for $ILV using usdcforilv.eth
  9. ilvforbtc.eth / btcforilv.eth

    • Swap $ILV for $BTC (Bitcoin) using ilvforbtc.eth
    • Swap $BTC (Bitcoin) for $ILV using btcforilv.eth
  10. ethforkas.eth / kasforeth.eth

    • Swap $ETH for $KAS using ethforkas.eth
    • Swap $KAS for $ETH using kasforeth.eth
  11. usdtforkas.eth / kasforusdt.eth

    • Swap $USDT for $KAS using usdtforkas.eth
    • Swap $KAS for $USDT using kasforusdt.eth
  12. usdcforkas.eth / kasforusdc.eth

    • Swap $USDC for $KAS using usdcforkas.eth
    • Swap $KAS for $USDC using kasforusdc.eth
  13. wethforkas.eth / kasforweth.eth

    • Swap $WETH (Wrapped ETH) for $KAS using wethforkas.eth
    • Swap $KAS for $WETH (Wrapped ETH) using kasforweth.eth