Extend .eth name registration

Extend .eth name registration. For example I send 1eth from spikewatanabe.eth to shortcut, it then extends registration pro rata whatever the price of eth was at a time of transaction, and adds appropriate number of days to registration. Not sure how it works under the hood on ens side, it should be possible to add arbitrary time to registration. Thats minus tx cost ofc.

There are quite a few steps to extend eth. name using traditional ENS app, they worked really hard to improve it, however certain users within ENS community would benefit from it. If you really can’t be bothered to go through interface and just want to slap a few additional months years as quickly as possible on your name, such shortcut can be really useful.

I don’t know what the fee should be, something very small I’m thinking, in order not to discourage anyone from using shortcut in favor of traditional ENS app.

Credit is going to spikewatanabe.eth

I hope that helps to improve the ecosystem



This is a dope idea!!! Love this shortcut


thank you for your submission this is definitely handy if you have a lot of ENS names.


Or maybe even add several shortcuts, for example one shortcut which will add registration time to your primary name and one shortcut which will add registration time to all names on the “originating” address

something like:



if you send it to extendall.eth then it divides all your send eth equally between all names on the address


Very novel idea for Shortcuts, could def see ENS maxis finding this handy.


I’ll think a bit more on this

I’ve seen the template which you asked people to stick to, I just thought that idea was relatively simple and straightforward so that putting it in the form of template was not necessary

but now that we are discussing it, seems like there could be more to it, I’ll think a bit more on potential usecases and maybe even put the template together

I think its workable as it is

the downside of adding more options and granularity to this idea is that unnecessary complexity could turn people away

if its just one shortcut to extend time, then there it is, there is no room for error so to say, whereas if you put many different shortcuts it could get confusing to the end user which would defeat the purpose of building the shortcut in the first place, right?

so maybe single shortcut for primary name is just enough :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: