MagicSwap $Magic/$SMOL LP

At the moment to add LP to MagicSwap you have to;
1.Bridge Eth to Arb Eth
2.Swap 50% to $Magic
3.Swap 50% to $SMOL
4.Add to LP

A simpler fix would be to send Mainnet eth to an ENS address that will automatically add to the LP without all the extra steps.

Bridges ETH to Arbitrum β†’ Swaps 50/50 to $Magic/$SMOL and deposits in MagicSwap LP

Shortcut name - Smol.magicswap.eth

Creator: Player1web3.eth


This is a great idea @Biggiesmol, this comes as the Treasure team/community makes a strong effort to drum up liquidity via MagicSwap for the MAGIC/SMOL pair:

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Great idea Biggie! It’s going to be hawt Shortcut, saves so much time.

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@Biggiesmol it’s live!

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