MoonDAO: ETH to staked vMOONEY

MoonDAO is a sweet organization that was originally funded on Juicebox (

They have a governance system that involves staking $MOONEY to get $vMOONEY

It would be great to have a shortcut on mainnet + polygon that could:

  1. bridge ETH to polygon
  2. swap for $MOONEY
  3. stake $MOONEY
  4. received $vMOONEY

may be missing some steps here and not sure how cross chain would work but could be nice!


Pablo here from MoonDAO! Yes this would be awesome.

Maybe as a simple first step (and one that would be really helpful for our launch tomorrow on Polygon) would be a shortcut to take mainnet MOONEY and then bridge it to polygon MOONEY.

Currently you can do it within our app but it sends you to the briding portal on Polygon and you need to select MOONEY. It’s kind of convoluted.

This would be a really helpful UX improvement to be able to send MOONEY tokens “topolygon.eth” etc.


This is our current process for bridging

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I think the best would be:

ETH (mainnet) → Polygon ETH → Swap ETH-> MATIC → Swap MATIC->MOONEY

So someone could enter the sweepstakes with ETH and it shortcuts them to MOONEY on Polygon

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Thank you for your submission @jigglyjams and appreciate the most viable route for us to take with this shortcut.