Shortcut proposal: Lend on Fluid

Fluid, a lending/borrowing protocol, just got launched on Ethereum mainnet by the InstaDapp team.

Proposed shortcuts

  1. Lend $USDC
  • name: usdc.onfluid.eth or usdc.lendonfluid.eth
  • Lends $USDC on Fluid protocol.
  1. Lend $ETH
  • name: eth.onfluid.eth or eth.lendonfluid.eth
  • Lends $ETH on Fluid protocol.
  1. Lend $USDT
  • name: usdt.onfluid.eth or usdt.lendonfluid.eth
  • Lends $USDT on Fluid protocol.



Welcome zkcat, thanks for submitting this Shortcut. It seems like this would be really useful. Our engineering team is in the middle of launching our creator tool:

We will come back to this within a week or so. I’ll also follow up either on here or via Twitter DMs as your provided.

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looks like fluid is doing well:

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