Swap $normie on Base

$normie on base: 0x7F12d13B34F5F4f0a9449c16Bcd42f0da47AF200

Description of what the Shortcut does:
Enables users to send ETH to an ENS address that swap $ETH into $normie on base

Flow chart of description of actions the Shortcuts does:

  1. Bridge $ETH to base
  2. Swap $ETH into $normie

Shortcut name: normie.tobase.eth

Collaborating creators: normie - 0x717233b24491C9f871b79Ca6E2f346B3cEe26cf3

proposed fee - .1%

$normie is relatively new memecoin on base. I believe this coin can fit a strong narrative in the future:

  • coinbase hits #1 on app store, normies are here!
  • btc ETFs allowing normie access
  • coinbase wallet to allow users to use coinbase app balance on-chain in the future
  • overall coinbase season happening past 1-3 months

Normie was stealth launched March 6th ~2100UTC.


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Hello, you can create this Shortcut yourself now with our new creator tool. And points will accrue to u as the creator

it’s an easy 3 step process. feel free to reach out via discord or here with any questions.

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