Swap $SMOL on Arbitrum

$SMOL on arbitrum: 0x9E64D3b9e8eC387a9a58CED80b71Ed815f8D82B5

Description of what the Shortcut does:
Enables users to send ETH to an ENS address that swap $ETH into $SMOL on arbitrum

Flow chart of description of actions the Shortcuts does:

  1. Bridge $ETH to arbitrum
  2. Swap $ETH into $SMOL

Shortcut name: smol.onarb.eth

Collaborating creators: tino.eth


Ooof lets do this quick :eyes:


$SMOL is on fire right now, we are thinking of also adding SMOL incentives for people to use this Shortcut.

We got a big airdrop and want to give back to the community.

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delivered https://twitter.com/onthisxyz/status/1738074697999216640

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What happens if the 100 eth target is not reached, is there a fallback plan in place.