Bridge ETH to Ronin and swap it to RON on Katana

** Preface **
I previously thought this was not possible as mainnet wallet address and Ronin address are different. But seeing the recently released Solana shortcut maybe this can be done by first specifying your Ronin address.
Worth noting: newly created Ron addresses can 20 get free transactions.

Shortcut Description
User send ETH to mainnet ENS contract address, ETH is then bridge over to Ronin via official bridge and immediately swapped to RON via Katana.
Shortcut name ToRonin.eth

  • Which community it serves
    Ronin users. There is currently only one way to bridge to Ronin via the official bridge :
    Katana link to swap : Katana Interface
    RON/WETH pair on Katana : Katana Info

  • Flow chart of description of actions the Shortcuts does
    Sent ETH to ENS → ETH bridged to Ronin via Official bridge → WETH Swapped to RON via Katana

  • Shortcut Complexity Score (1-3)

  • Proposed fee

  • Collaborating creators
    0xsabaidee.eth // sabaidee.ron

Twitter / Discord / TG (Optional But Recommended)
Twitter Atticus23798891
Discord atticus91#2649
Telegram @Tgben10


Thank once again for the detailed submission. We’re looking into this :handshake:


I haven’t looked into RON since Axie, this is quite interesting

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Ahh yes great Shortcut, RON / Axie is a strong community

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Thanks for the replies guys. I’ve been breeding axies since before RON was even a thing so this one is quite personal
Yes, Ronin has come a fair way since Axie. Several projects have successfully migrated over to Ronin (Pixels, Apeiron, Cyber Kongz to name a few).
Probably alot more projects (mainly games) will be moving over to Ronin over the year so this shortcut, if doable, will only get more relevant as time goes by IMO.



Hey Atticus, apologies for not getting to this Shortcut. We’ve had 100+ submissions and we are a small team growing quickly.

We are currently working on a creator tool:

The purpose is to help people like you create your own Shortcuts and not wait for us.