Equlibria finance Pearl farming shortcut

Protocol intro:

  • Equilibria is like the Convex for Pendle.
  • Swell is a liquid staking project without token launch, but they offer Pearl as point which can exchange $SWELL when TGE happen

Equlibria is the most efficient way to farm Pearl ($SWELL) for now. (14x~60x than directly liquid stake $ETH into Swell)

How to do the $SWELL farming

  1. Users need to buy $EQB on Arbitrum
  2. Lock $EQB for 4 weeks to get the voting power(veTokenomic)
  3. Delegate voting power to the Pearl farming address

$EQB CA: 0xBfbCFe8873fE28Dfa25f1099282b088D52bbAD9C


  1. Bridge Mainnet $ETH to ARB $EQB
  2. Lock $EQB for 4 weeks through this contract (0x70f61901658aafb7ae57da0c30695ce4417e72b9)
  3. Delegate voting power to Pearl farming address

Shortcut name: LockEQBFarmSwell.eth

Creator: tino.eth


woa totally missed this one, going to look into this. Let me know if there were any updates from the time u posted @Tino


Hello @Tino,great idea, the only thing that I’m not sure about is last step - “Delegate voting power to Pearl farming address”, we’re not able to delegate from user side, and delegating it from our contract doesn’t make sense because token itself will be locked on users behalf and contract will not have any voting power


It’s actually a problem. How about using a address to do step2,3 , send back $EQB and the $SWELL airdrop, when the token unlocked and TGE.


@Tino So,we have few options:
1 - to do only first 2 steps, and the delegation part will be done by user manually;
2 - do all 3 parts and tokens will be hold at contract, possible issues with this approach is that I’m not familiar with this project and don’t know the ratio of airdrop.
I’d offer to move with more straight forward option (1), cuz with the 2nd there will be also problems with withdrawing tokens following shortcuts ux , but anyway would like to here your thoughts

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I will pick 1.

If we can provide users a voting guide, it will be amazing.

  • vote for sweth or delegate to the swell farming address can farm $SWELL airdrop
  • vote for eETH to farm ether.fi points
  • vote for kelpdao restaking eth to farm kelpdao point
  • vote for the pool with high ape can earn more ePendle
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