Bridge ETH to Base and buy $DEGEN

Action: bridge ETH from mainnet to Base and buy $DEGEN


What is DEGEN?

Degen, an ERC-20 token on Base, launched in January 2024 with an airdrop to the Degen channel community on Farcaster. Our goal is to distribute the token among builders, content creators, and users in the Base and Farcaster ecosystem. We’re building a community aimed at developing a better future for the internet.

Wallet for rewards to go to:

base:0xdfd27839961f9787ceF4BDC31E45FE7aBA858D26 (community DAO multisig)


Hey @street we’re working on this now and wanted to use frames to allow people to buy $DEGEN as well


this is actually a great concept, what if people can just buy tokens on farcaster on their social feed?

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