Personal offramp

A simple shortcut that swaps ETH (been enjoying using cow swap) and sends to a (configurable) Coinbase wallet

Would it need to be deployed for a user? Or is there some generic way you could implement?



Hey @jigglyjams thanks for your request! Yea we’ve been thinking about this and tried implementing which basically makes a withdrawal to your bank account as soon as you send money into the wallet. As of right now these would need to be implemented per user basis. Keeping an eye out for a possible automated solution. Let me know if you would like set one up for yourself, we could possibly enable a small point distribution as well.


Interesting! Id prefer to stick with coinbase if possible

Maybe one could mint an NFT that contains the information on what wallet the ETH to USDC swap should be sent to in order to avoid deploying a single contract for each person interested in using it


Yea most people off-ramp on coinbase, certainly in the united states. Hmm we’ve been thinking about creating constructors for our users so you would be able to simply add you off-ramp USDC address (on coinbase) and the shortcut you generate for yourself through our constructor would be “jiggly.offrampcb.eth” which you can send ETH to and it autoconverts and sends USDC to coinbase.

Thoughts @jigglyjams ?


sounds perfect to me!


And how about a bridge from eth to gnosis chain and swap into stablecoin EURe (monerium) into your personal gnosis safe. After that I can use my own gnosispay visa card.
Is this feasible?


We’re looking into the docs and learning a bit more about this. Right now our engineering team is busy with our Shortcut Creator Tool:

We’ll revisit in about a week. I’ll reach out here again.