Swap $OMI $ETH $USDC $USDT $WETH $BTC $ILV $KAS via Uniswap v2 & v3

Post Title: Comprehensive List of Shortcut Swap Pairs

Shortcut Description:
Our Shortcut system provides a wide array of token swap pairs, simplifying the process of swapping cryptocurrencies. Designed for crypto enthusiasts, traders, and DeFi users, these shortcuts streamline the swapping process, making it more accessible for various DeFi activities and portfolio management.

User Actions:

Choose the desired Shortcut swap pair.
Send the cryptocurrency to the Shortcut’s address.
The Shortcut performs the swap at the optimal rate.
Receive the swapped cryptocurrency.
Complexity Level: 2
Proposed Fee: 0.2% per transaction

Collaborating Creator:
Dave: nycmobile.eth
Presley: presley.eth

Available Shortcut Swap Pairs:

omi4eth.eth / eth4omi.eth - Swap $OMI for $ETH and $ETH for $OMI
omi4usdt.eth / usdt4omi.eth - Swap $OMI for $USDT and $USDT for $OMI
omi4usdc.eth / usdc4omi.eth - Swap $OMI for $USDC and $USDC for $OMI
omi4dai.eth / dai4omi.eth - Swap $OMI for $DAI and $DAI for $OMI
omi4weth.eth / weth4omi.eth - Swap $OMI for $WETH and $WETH for $OMI
ilv4eth.eth / eth4ilv.eth - Swap $ILV for $ETH and $ETH for $ILV
ilv4usdt.eth / usdt4ilv.eth - Swap $ILV for $USDT and $USDT for $ILV
ilv4usdc.eth / usdc4ilv.eth - Swap $ILV for $USDC and $USDC for $ILV
ilv4btc.eth / btc4ilv.eth - Swap $ILV for $BTC and $BTC for $ILV
eth4kas.eth / kas4eth.eth - Swap $ETH for $KAS and $KAS for $ETH
usdt4kas.eth / kas4usdt.eth - Swap $USDT for $KAS and $KAS for $USDT
usdc4kas.eth / kas4usdc.eth - Swap $USDC for $KAS and $KAS for $USDC
weth4kas.eth / kas4weth.eth - Swap $WETH for $KAS and $KAS for $WETH


This is a transfer of a previous post here: Create Your First Shortcut Post - #2 by dcbk2la

We’re going to look over this with the Onthis team shortly. Thank you for the very detailed submission with an eye for naming conventions.



this is great @dcbk2la thank you for the extensive list of additional pairs! Curious to know why you chose those pairs?


Of course Nodar, my pleasure! I chose $OMI because I’ve been a part of VeVe for almost 3 years and those amazing people are ride or die and if I can help save them a few bucks, while simplifying the process of swapping and bridging (why I chose Immutable X) while keeping them safe by not having to connect their wallets anywhere, I’m all for it!

The rest were the basics because if I’m going to be early I’d like to be known for certain pairs from the beginning. Other than that, $KAS which is just a straight dollar volume play because the higher the dollar volume the more swaps that are happening and for larger amounts of money. $ILV was a token price play as I remember it hitting above $1,000 per token so think that speaks for itself. Hope that helps?


Just wanted to make sure this Co-Creator gets added to these shortcuts. Can you please add Mandy and her wallet address 0xc738795f126c08C5349FEEa4Cce346b3F9CEcd9f as Co-Creator on these Swap shortcuts? Thank you so much!


Got it, will add Mandy! Let me know if you think of anything else to add :slight_smile:

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