Simplify Depositing ETH for Yield on Morpho Blue

Shortcut Description:

Introducing a Shortcut to deposit Ethereum (ETH) directly into the FlagshipETH vault on Morpho Blue. This makes earning yield on your ETH easier and faster by skipping several manual steps currently required on the platform.

Why It Matters:

Morpho Blue users looking to earn yield on their ETH can now do so with greater efficiency. This Shortcut encourages more users to participate, potentially increasing the platform’s liquidity and user engagement.

How It Works:

  • Normal Way: Go to Morpho Blue, connect your wallet, navigate to “earn,” select the FlagshipETH vault, choose to supply ETH, enter the amount, and then finalize and submit your transaction.
  • With Shortcut: Simply send ETH to morpho.flagship.eth from your wallet.

Complexity and Fee:

  • Complexity score of 1. A fee of 0.1% is proposed.

My Wallet:

  • For rewards or collaboration, here’s my wallet: 0xdA584c971055597159DF19871D2D139532950619.

I think similarly can be done for USDC on Morpho. Not sure if this should be a another new post:

Proposal for Simplifying USDC Deposits into the Steakhouse Vault via Morpho Blue

Current Normal Process:

  1. Go to the Morpho Blue platform.
  2. Connect your digital wallet.
  3. Navigate to the “earn” section.
  4. Select the Steakhouse vault designed for USDC deposits.
  5. Opt to supply USDC to the vault.
  6. Enter the amount of USDC you wish to deposit.
  7. Finalize and submit your transaction.

Proposed Shortcut Method:

  • Shortcut Action: Users simply send USDC to a designated ENS address (for example, morpho.steakhouse.usdc).

Thank you for the detailed post, we’ve got our hands occupied with the Creator Tool that’s set to launch soon. Once that goes live we will definitely look into building this Shortcut.

ETH yield strategies that keep a persons exposure to ETH are very attractive. We’ll also look into USDC one which I assume earns yield in USDC?

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This is exactly what people have been asking for Shortcuts for yield.