Swap and stacking quickly using quickie.eth subdomains

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Shortcut Description:

ENS subdomains are the next big thing and works with all the chain where ENS is supported. One can create unlimited subs from a single name, e.g. sub1.quickie.eth, sub2.sub1.quickie.eth, sub3.sub2.sub1.quickie.eth, etc…

Using a cool name for a quick swap using subdomain of quickie.eth would be interesting for many and can generate more swaps plus more engagement.

Community it serves:

It will serve everyone on all the chain where ENS is applicable since ENS is multichain, including both L1s and L2s.

Flow chart:

Get the name, quickie.eth (currently in grace) and create subdomains for the many swap shortcut which are required.


weth.eth.quickie.eth (Swap wETH for ETH)

usdc.sand.quickie.eth (Swap USDC for SAND)

imx.weth.quickie.eth (Swap IMX for wETH)


lido.stake.quickie.eth (Earn by staking on Lido)

curve.stake.quickie.eth (Earn by staking on Curve)

Shortcut Complexity Score: 1.0

Proposed Fee: 0.15%

Collaborating Creators: itwasntme.eth

Creators’ Wallets: itwasntme.eth


hey thanks for your submission. Quick question: what does quickie.eth add on? basically were you going for creating a ‘category’ using this name?


I’m also curious if the naming convention is a must? Is there a swap and stake that you find valuable now?


First of all, sorry for the late reply on the thread… Was travelling.

Quickie means “done or made quickly.”
This would be an awesome name to use for the swaps and staking and a cool word to remember. This is not a category but one primary name which could be use to create the many shortcuts as shared in the thread to make it easier to remember and to use.

We could always use any other name but thought this is a catchy word plus it was in grace. Thank you.

Since the recent breakout in the memecoin spaces, I think swapping is one thing being used by many. Maybe we can create shortcuts for quick swaps for all the latest memecoins using .eth subdomains? An easier way to swap tokens with ease and quickly. Just a thought and thanks for the feedback. GM