Bridge Mainnet $ETH to $BONES

Smol Age is an NFT project on Treasure that has their own native currency called $BONES.

CA: 0x74912f00BdA1C2030Cf33e7194803259426e64A4


  1. Bridge Mainnet $ETH to ARB $ETH
  2. Swap $ETH to $BONES

Shortcut name: ethtobones.eth

Creator: Player1web3.eth


Hey Biggie, haven’t been in the loop with Smol Age in a long time, what’s the utility behind $BONES? I’m assuming it’s for in-game purchases or some sort of boosts?

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Hey! $BONES utilities include staking benefits such as faster developing common sense, and in-game purchases which can add rare traits to your neandersmol.

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