$SMOL/$ETH Camelot LP

To add LP to Camelot you have to;
1.Bridge Eth to Arb Eth
2.Swap 50% to $ETH
3.Swap 50% to $SMOL
4.Add to LP

A simpler fix would be to send Mainnet eth to an ENS address that will automatically add to the LP without all the extra steps.

Bridges ETH to Arbitrum → Swaps 50/50 to Arb $ETH/$SMOL and deposits in Camelot LP

Shortcut name: Eth.camelot.eth

Creator: Player1web3.eth

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Huge APY for this LP, curious how it reacts with SMOL/MAGIC LP launch.

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Yea it depends what your outlook is because these are 2 different pools. As an LP it is most advantageous to come in and come out of the pool when the ratio of 2 underlying tokens is relatively the same. In doing so you suffer 0 impermanent loss and gain all the fees from swaps that swung the price up and down but if you leave (withdraw) from the pool at the same ratio (eth/smol) as when you entered (made a deposit) you will end up w same ratio of smol + eth PLUS proportional swap fees. So you’ll come out with more Smols and more eth. The key point here is “same ratio of two underlying token” meaning magic/smol pool has a totally different dynamic. If you think price of smol and magic will increase in usd terms at relatively the same pace - this is the pool for you. If you believe smol + eth will increase/decrease in usd terms at relatively the same pace - this is the pool for you. NFA of course, hope this helps understand the difference between different LPs.

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