Bridge + Swap --> Arbitrum MAXI

Shortcut Description
Bridge $ETH to arbitrum and buy:
20% $ARB
20% $MAGIC
20% $GMX
20% $RDNT
20% $GLP

PGN bridge fees were a constant source of complaints for recent GG19 donors and a Shortcut would have made this process easier and less expensive.

User actions
Typical flow for bridging to PGN:

  • visit
  • connect wallet
  • add PGN network
  • input ETH amount to bridge
  • click Deposit
  • confirm transaction

Proposed flow for Shortcut:

  • send ETH to “ETHtoArbitrumBag.eth”
  • receive 20% $ARB, 20% $MAGIC, 20% $GMX, 20% $RDNT, 20% $GLP on Arbitrum

Complexity and proposed fee:
Complexity: 2
Proposed fee: 0.2%

The above numbers are based on the example proposal , but I am open to suggestions.

Creator info:
tino.eth: 0x07a1f6fc89223c5ebD4e4ddaE89Ac97629856A0f


Thank you for submitting your Shortcut idea, this is awesome. Any particular reason you chose those specific tokens?

We actually have a similar shortcut to the idea you mentioned which is starterpack.onarb.eth which bridges ETH to Arbitrum and swaps it for GMX, MAGIC, ARB, and RDNT.

Is this something you’d be interested in?

If not we can upgrade the starterpack contract to include the tokens you mentioned instead it’s quite easy. :slight_smile:


$GMX: #1 PerpX on Arbitrum
$MAGIC: #1 Gaming eco on Arbitrum
$RDNT: #1 Money market on Arbitrum(Excluded AAVE)
$GLP: 15% Yield with some blue chip exposure


This is awesome, we love these bundle package ideas!


@Tino Wow, we have almost exactly shortcut that briged your eth and swaps it to magic/arb/gmx/rdnt in 25% proportion, seems like we can upgrade our current contract and just add GLP as additional token to swap


@Tino for the $GLP 20% portion did you want to stay in v1 or do GM which is v2?


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To clarify, GM receives ARB incentives which further enhances the yield for $GM holders

$GM: You must choose a specific perpetual market to provide liquidity. The higher the volatility or risk associated with the pair, the greater the potential APR. However, it’s important to note that diversification of investments is not possible in this scenario."

So, I still think for the Arbitrum MAXI bag, $GLP is a better choice.

@Tino we launched your Shortcut and have added you as the creator. You already accrued some points.

Here’s the tweet:

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Thanks a lot. The team supports almost all the works.