Swap $NOLA on Arbitrum

** Preface **
We have $SMOL shortcut which is a huge success (100 ETH soon ?!)
How about we get $NOLA next ? With arb season underway, this could be a good time.

Shortcut Description
User send ETH to mainnet ENS contract address, ETH is then bridged over to Arbitrum and immediately swapped to $NOLA
Shortcut name nola.onarb.eth
$NOLA contract adress on arbitrum : 0xF8388c2B6Edf00E2E27eEF5200B1beFB24cE141d
$NOLA on coingecko : https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/nola

  • Flow chart of description of actions the Shortcuts does
    Sent ETH to ENS → ETH bridged to Arbitrum → ETH Swapped to $NOLA (via paraswap?)
  • Shortcut Complexity Score (1-3)
  • Proposed fee
  • Collaborating creators
    0xsabaidee.eth // sabaidee.ron

Twitter / Discord / TG (Optional But Recommended)
Twitter Atticus23798891
Discord atticus91#2649
Telegram @Tgben10


Beautiful submission atticus! Mind giving a little bit of background to NOLA?

This isn’t required for us to build the Shortcut but i’m just curious about the project and what you’re view is on it.


I’ve heard of NOLA, would prob use this from mainnet, easy bridge + swap

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We are shipping this Shortly, can u intro us to the NOLA team for collab twitter launch?

Thanks for getting back guys.

Nola is actually a reference to Harry Kalodner’s (https://twitter.com/hkalodner) cat IRL.
Although he does not directly endorse this project he does not seem to dismiss it either.
See this tweet for reference : https://twitter.com/hkalodner/status/1736809304055820289

A couple of useful links
Nola’s twitter account : https://twitter.com/NOLA_Coin
Nola’s new official website : https://nolathecat.com/ replacing the old one (https://www.nolacat.meme/)
Nola’s contact email address : nolacatarb@proton.me

The main source of liquidity seems to be a pool on sushiswap (see https://dexscreener.com/arbitrum/0xf89c3657aca0f457c7d50d2b8cc746f46fc7e00f)

I do not personally have any contact with the team but if i was to contact them i would probably do so directly over twitter or email. Is this something you would like me to do or do you contact them directly via the onthis.xyz twitter account ?
As for my personal view on the project it’s a meme coin so proceed with caution !
But I would say it does have some kind of relevancy and a bit more flair than your typical slang word meme coin.

Cheers !