[ADP-1] SMOL Token Distribution Proposal

All Smol Brain NFT holders are eligible for a $SMOL token airdrop. DeFrag DAO which was started by onthis.xyz team last year is an NFT lending protocol. When users used Smol Brain NFTs as collateral, these NFTs were deposited into the DeFrag DAO vault.

Users who have an existing (non-liquidated) loan on their Smol Brains will be able to claim 42M SMOL tokens per Smol Brain. Claiming will be available until 1/22/24.

$SMOL token airdrops from liquidated Smol Brains NFTs will be distributed 50/50 to shortcut users and Metamatician NFT holders.

In addition, onThis team has purchased an additional 1B SMOL tokens for community distribution.

Metamatician Holders will be able to claim $SMOL tokens proportionally from the sum of all SMOL acquired from the liquidated Smol Brains that are in the DeFrag Treasury.

Shortcut users will be eligible to claim $SMOL tokens from the distribution pool based on ETH volume deposited via the shortcut. Rate of distribution=250,000 SMOL tokens per 1 ETH deposited into smol.onarb.eth. Example: Sending 1.5 ETH to Smol.onarb.eth - you will be eligible to claim 375,000 $SMOL tokens.


Thank you for the proposal , When do you plan to drop these tokens as i missed the first part of the X space?