Bridge ETH to Optimism + add ETH liquidity on Stargate + stake your LP

Currently Stargate Finance offers single token liquidity pools on various networks which you are able to stake and generate passive yield. Different networks offer different types of asset deposits. For example, pools on Polygon offer only stable coin pools while there’s an ETH pool on Optimism which currently generates ~3.36% APY. Figuring most folks want to keep their ETH exposure right now, i propose a shortcut for easy onboarding from mainnet onto Stargate’s ETH LP Farm on Optimism.
Steps required which shortcut could bundle into 1 action:

  1. Bridge ETH from Mainnet to Optimism.
  2. Add liquidity to ETH pool on Stargate and receive LP tokens. Sample tx:
  3. Approve your received LP tokens for Stargate’s farm. Sample tx:
  4. Deposit your LP tokens into Stargate’s farm. Sample tx:

Complexity: 3
Creator address: longcuts.eth


Love how keeps ETH exposure, looking forward to releasing this Shortcut! :handshake:


Hmm i’ve been looking for more OP Shortcuts, nice!

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Love this on OP, let’s see if we can build more!