Deposit ETH to Real Yield Vault on Sommelier with Ease


Create a Shortcut for sending ETH directly to the Real Yield ETH vault on Sommelier Finance, bypassing several manual steps. (Sommelier is a decentralized asset management protocol, built on the Cosmos SDK, with a bridge to high-value EVM networks. )

How It Works:

  • Normal Way: Go to Sommelier, find the vault, connect your wallet, type how much ETH you want to deposit, and confirm.
  • With Shortcut: Just send ETH to a special address (sommrealyield.eth) from your wallet.

Complexity and Fee:

  • Suggesting a complexity of 1 and a small fee of 0.1% for using the Shortcut.

My Wallet:

  • For any rewards or collaborations, here’s my wallet address: 0xdA584c971055597159DF19871D2D139532950619.

Thanks for submitting another Shortcut Sommelier, we’re going to be looking into this shortly after Creator Tool launch.