DCA Shortcuts (USDC->ETH)

Post Title
DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging)

Shortcut Description:
A Shortcut I send USDC to and it DCAs over a certain period of time.

User Actions:

  • user sends USDC
  • shortcut buys over time

Shortcut Name:
ENS = onDCA.eth

Subdomains (specify over what time)
Complexity Score: 2

Proposed Fee: 0.2%

Creators’ Wallet

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Hello, great idea, we’re currently working on implementing mechanism that will allow our shortcuts to trigger some actions once erc20 were sent to them, it’s a bit complicated since sc cannot trigger “fallback” or “receive” function on erc20 arrival, but we have an idea how we can handle this case, we’ll keep you in touch about our progress on it

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